What We Do

Established in 2007, DGI Associates, Inc. was formed for the purpose of preserving the I&R organization’s most valuable asset– its resource database.

As the usefulness of I&R systems is continuously demonstrated, the demands on organizations providing such services only increase. Often, multi-tasking resource staff find themselves pulled in different directions and end up spending more time on other duties than they are able to devote to their resource databases. As a result, data is incomplete, increasingly out-of-date, and therefore becomes irrelevant to individuals seeking assistance.

Though it would be nice for budgets to meet demands, usually nonprofit I&R organizations are put in the position of having to make tough decisions to cover their needs, and the necessary number of resource staff just cannot be hired. But DGI Associates can help.

We provide I&R organizations with trained part-time or full-time resource staff at reasonable hourly rates on short term, long term, project, advisory, and consulting capacities. There is also never any need to provide extra workspace at your location, because as independent contractors, we work from our offices by accessing your I&R software remotely over the Internet.

Familiar with all aspects of database construction and with the various software supporting I&R databases, our Associates are certified individuals who have worked in the I&R industry for many years. They work diligently to learn the ins and outs of your database and to create a custom roadmap for your organization’s success, all the while communicating to ensure they are meeting your needs.

Aiming to become an integral part of an I&R organization’s team, our goal is to work in partnership to produce measurable results in the delivery of consistent and accurate data that meets AIRS Standards. With the database in professional hands, you and your resource staff can focus on the other pressing issues that face organizations like yours in an ever-growing, constantly evolving I&R industry.

So, How Can We Help You?

» I need assistance maintaining and routinely updating my resource database.

» I’m switching to a new database and need to migrate my resources.

» I’m restructuring my entire database to meet new standards and style guidelines.

» I need to improve the AIRS/211 LA County taxonomy use in my existing database

» As part of a collaborative database (statewide, regional, etc.), we need to create and/ or implement shared standards.

» I’d like to apply for accreditation and need help getting ready.

» I’m not sure, but I could use some help.