Collaborative Databases

There are many benefits to participating in a collaborative database– be it regional, statewide, or a special initiative between different I&R organizations.

As in any partnership, there are also a number of decisions to be made. Who will have admin access to the database? Who will maintain the resources listed? Who will set the standards for data entry? Whose style guide will be used? How will cross-updating be handled?

While DGI Associates cannot answer these questions for you, we can help you make sure you consider all of the important elements of creating and maintaining a collaborative database.

We’re available to provide guidance and assistance during every step of the process, including:

  • Migrating resources into one database
  • Creating new documents for data standards, style guide, etc. as agreed on by collaborative database member organizations
  • Database-wide application of new standards
  • Matching taxonomy and indexing across similar services
  • Establishing standard service description language

Simplify the process for all those involved. Fill out the form to the right to get collaborating!