Annual Updates and Routine Maintenance

Imagine never having to track down another agency contact come time for their annual update. Nor having to take time and attention away from other pressing tasks to perform the data entry associated with the database updating process. Just think how efficient your organization could be if staff weren’t having to rotate on and off database duty, between their many other responsibilities, and the sole focus could instead be on serving the community.

Having DGI Associates complete your organization’s annual updates and routine database maintenance is a cost-effective solution that will not only save you money but also valuable time. With your database in the hands of professionals, you can ensure data is maintained to the highest of standards and feel confident providing up-to-date information to those who seek it.

Our Associates will take on any and all routine maintenance tasks including:

  • Scheduling web surveys for electronic delivery to listed agencies
  • Following up with unresponsive agencies via phone and/or mail
  • Removing bounce-back emails from database
  • Entering all updated information based on your organization’s style guide
  • Coding services appropriately and consistently using AIRS/211 LA Taxonomy
  • Saving Formal Updates
  • Maintaining a reference document of all communications with agencies
  • Providing monthly reports

Put our years of I&R database maintenance experience to work for you! Fill out the form to the right to get started.